Saturday, 30 November 2013

Big Smile, Gray Skies

Sweater: TOPSHOP Baseball Tee: American Apparel Pants: H&M 
Shoes: Clarks Watch: MBMJ Bracelets: Aldo and Balenciaga Necklace: Aldo

Casual wear that is both comfortable and fashionable. At least I think so.

Last year, I sported baseball tees day in and day out. They are so comfortable and they go with everything. Also, I just love the two tone detail. Here I paired it with leather pants and a big chunky sweater, an outfit so simple, it's foolproof. 

Generally, I love articles of clothing that are versatile. I like the thought of being able to wear my clothes a variety of ways, that way I can get my moneys worth. Every time I come across an item I like at the mall, I tend to pick it up and just imagine what I can wear it with, in my wardrobe. I am a sucker for also having the same things in just different colours. 

So for the second year Canadian retailers has decided to partake in the Black Friday Madness. But it doesn't really make sense because we are not even celebrating Thanksgiving at the same time as our American neighbour. Great another fake holiday for the corporate world to mutilate just to make sales. On a different note, they had amazing deals and some stores are even extending their deals until Monday. AHHHHH! Shop wisely and happy spending. 

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