Saturday, 23 November 2013

Walk In The Park

Today is a glorious day. Although, I haven't done anything particularly productive. I have however, caught up on some well needed rest. These days I tend to get tired easily and would rather choose the comfort of my bed over "fun". Fun just consumes too much energy. At least for me.

When my day started, I headed to the kitchen to grab a bowl of cereal,  I looked out the window where I saw what I believed to be snow. Then I scratched my eyes thinking as if this was not a plausible situation. I was proven wrong and there was in fact remnants of snow on the ground.  I personally cannot wait for snow to cover the ground. It is such a beautiful sight to see, a fresh white blanket of snow covering the grass and rooftops of neighbouring houses. But then I start to realize the hardships one has to go through; shovelling, brushing and scraping the windshield, salting the driveway, filling up the wiper fluid more frequently and the list goes on. Oh well, the beauty of life. Happy Saturday!

Sweater: American Apparel  Jeans: Club Monaco Boots: TOPMAN
paBracelet: Saks Watch: Michael Kors Necklace: Forever 21 

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