Friday, 13 December 2013

Uh Oh.

 Happy friday the thirteenth!

I am not as superstitious about this day as others might be. But I remember as a child, my grandmother would tell me to be careful and be cautious during this day because of the stigma affiliated with it. That has clearly worn off of me though, so today is just as any other.

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This leopard number is a great statement piece to have in my closet.  It just screams on its own, so I decided to tone it down by pairing it with a simple outfit that includes a grey sweater and leather pants. But let it be known that this coat does not provide any warmth necessary to survive the cold weather. Too bad, I found that out the hard way.  Ahhh the weekend is coming up. Enjoy and be safe!
Leopard Coat: Topshop Sweater: American Apparel Pants: H&M 
Bag: Yves Saint Laurent Shoes: Sperry's Watch: MBMJ Necklace: Topshop

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