Monday, 16 December 2013

Oops. I ripped it.

Sweater and Shirt: H&M Pants: J Brand Shoes: TOPMAN Necklace and Bracelets: Aldo

What a great relaxing weekend, spent with great company at our annual Divuh Christmas party! Every year,  my friends and I celebrate Christmas by congregating over an endless supply of food, laughter, drinks, games and more food. The air was filled with howling laughter and chuckles, we made sure our night was fun and memorable.

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It's not a Christmas party without exchanging gifts. I am sure that this is a common thing that happens, but there was one year where we all exchanged gift cards for the store of our choice. This obviously robbed us from any form of excitement while opening gifts because it was a gift card after another, after another. This year, we decided to do our Kris Kringle differently. Normally, we would set a budget and find our merry way looking for items that will satisfy our wants and needs, write it on our wish lists and receive exactly, what we expected. But we all agreed that this was getting too boring and the lack of surprise, so we decided to do stocking stuffers and just provide general categories of what we wanted to find in our stockings. 
This is a gorgeous sweater with an amazing back detail. A little impractical for the winter considering the amount of skin exposed but that was not going to stop me. So I decided to pair it with a plain button up and green cargos. Such an easy way to layer for the winter months. Simple and chic.

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