Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Yet another freezing day we've experienced today. But who's complaining? I am of course. I cannot stress enough how important it is to bundle up appropriately for the weather. But for times where I decide to wear shoes that leaves exposed skin out, for the cold weather to freeze, I make sure I am well-moisturized to minimize ashiness. Cause girllll, no one wants to see that. 

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 Sweater: Wilfred Shirt: GAP Jeans: Nudie Jeans Watch: Michael Kors 
Clutch: Unknown Bracelets: Saks 5th Ave, Handmade by Friend

Keeping it simple and casual with this chambray shirt and oversized sweater ensemble. This sweater has literally been a part of my closet for 4 to 5 years now and it is still in great condition. I am amazed how well-constructed this sweater is because I regularly reach for this sweater and it has kept up so well. It is very warm, made partially from alpaca wool and mohair yarn. I can see this sweater being a part of my closet for years to come. 

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