Saturday, 14 December 2013

Oh Baby It's Cold Out. Brr

Holymothercracker! Can I just start off by saying, welcome winter! It is horrifyingly too cold outside,  making it very difficult to shoot outdoors without the incessant shivering or fear of getting a frostbite. We have been experiencing temperatures as low as negative twelve (-12)! Crazy! So it is a definite must to bundle up before walking out in the tundra. Brrr. B*tch is it cold out!

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My love for oversized sweaters has been apparent since forever. They are so easy to incorporate into any outfit. Like here, worn with a basic stripy tee and leather pants, another winter staple. These pants are easier to wear with less of a struggle because of the tuxedo pant stripe detailing, making it stretchier and easier to glide on your leg. 
Sweater: LINE Tee: Club Monaco Pants: H&M Shoes: Generic Surplus 
Scarf: Wilfred Necklace: H&M Bracelets: Saks 5th Ave and H&M

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