Thursday, 5 December 2013

Tis The Season To Be Spending

Scarf: Wilfred Jacket: Community Tee: Zara Pants: H&M 
Shoes: P.F. Fylers Bag: Alexander Wang

First of, let it be known that I absolutely cannot live life without these faux leather pants. I have been wearing it obsessively and I just cannot get enough. Also, for such an amazing price point at $40, a pair! I am definitely thinking of picking up another pair or two, just for back-up. Because you just never know.

Tis the season to be spending... fra la la... la la... la la... la la 
 Most of my day was spent with my friend Robin. "Christmas Shopping" was super productive. Not. 

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Our shopping trip started by heading straight to the food court of Yorkdale. Who doesn't need to eat and fuel up for the walk-a-thon you are about to endure? We obviously ate a full course meal with  a salad, an entreê and a side dish. And naturally, I gravitate towards anywhere that offers dessert. We had a cup of gelato that was extremely overstuffed. Yumm! I am starting to pack on the pounds this holiday season...

The way Christmas shopping works in my head is, "one for me, one for me... one for you". This is such a terrible practice, but can you blame me for naturally being attracted to such beautiful things? I didn't think so. Plus to be honest, I wasn't feeling the urge to do my Christmas shopping, just yet. Like I said before, I like to do by shopping last minute, running around like crazy. I love the rush and the hunt trying to find the perfect gift for everyone. Ah! I cannot wait.

Overall, this is a Thursday well spent!

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