Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Boom Boom Pum

Sweater: Philip Lim for Target Jeans: Current/Elliot
Shoes: Mr B. by Aldo Bag: MJMB Scarf: Wilfred

Kenny here, again, I was running a lot of errands today. So I decided to keep it casual today with my favourite pair of distressed jeans and an in your face sweater. Can everyone remember the craziness when this collaboration was released? 

PS. Sabina returns sometime later this week =)

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I had quite the experience. My friend, Liz and I lined up at our local Target store around six in the morning. When they finally opened the doors at eight in the morning, we were asked to walk in the store in a single-file. Being the fourth in line, I thought I would have the leisure to walk around from rack to rack and pick out the pieces that caught my eye. In an instant, within a span of forty seconds after opening the door, their racks were quickly ransacked, leaving empty hangers hanging. It was quite an experience.
With a morning full of errands to run, I decided to wear my favourite pair of distressed jeans. People might think it's crazy to wear  ripped jeans in the winter, with an endless supply of snow dropping from the sky. Well yeah, it is because it is pretty f*cking cold. But I'm not complaining because it looks beautiful. Another option is to wear leggings, tights or long johns underneath. But I no longer own any of these items in my wardrobe. 

Happy Tuesday!!

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