Thursday, 13 March 2014

Day 4 In New Orleans

 Beignets & Crawfish Omelette

Our day started off by heading to Cafe Beignet, along Royal St.,  a very cute Parisian-esque cafe in the French Quarter. While eating breakfast, we stumbled upon a flyer that offers a variety of tours and immediately we were drawn to the Cemetery and Voodoo walking tour. Honestly, there's no better way to learn about New Orleans' rich history and the creole culture! I would highly recommend this tour to anybody who is planning a visit to NOLA!

Who knew voodoo was actually a religion from Africa? When I was younger, I immediately associated Voodoo with witchcraft and black magic. I stand corrected. The tour was rather interesting, much like apartheid in South Africa, New Orleans went through a similar situation, where the Creoles were separated from the Protestants. The city was divided by Canal St., where anything north of it belonged to the Creoles and anything south of it belonged to the Americans.

Marie Laveau's Tomb - A Voodoo Priestess
Our tour guide talked about the different types of burial tombs, from barrel-vaulted, oven vaults, pyramids to society tombs. 
 This tree reminded me very much of the White Oak tree, that was mentioned in the Vampire Diaries.
We took a quick stroll through the Louis Armstrong Park to learn more about jazz. Louis Armstrong was an American singer and jazz trumpeter. 
The Creoles loved using vibrant colours to paint their houses, while the Americans were more into building bigger infrastructures as seen uptown of St. Charles Street. Very reminiscent of the houses in Europe.
After a very filling meal at Antoine's, Trizza and I decided to head to Frenchmen St. to check out different Jazz bars. I was amazed at the fact that we were able to walk in and out, as we please and with no cover charge! 

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