Saturday, 8 March 2014

Before The Big Day

Sweater: Wilfred Free Shorts: ZARA Boots: ALDO Bag: Louis Vuitton

The day started off with a visit from a dear friend, named Hangover. What better cure than food?! We decided to go to Cafe du Monde for breakfast to try some of their famous beignets and a much needed cup of coffee. The line up was extremely longgggg, questioning if it was even worth it. The cafe is pretty spacious with tables almost elbow to elbow, good thing the line up moved pretty quickly. A jazz duo were standing outside the cafe offering some real southern entertainment to people, while waiting to be seated. The singer's voice was soothing and ultimately making the wait more bearable.

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After reenergizing with some delicious fried doughnuts drenched in icing powder, we walked around New Orleans to discover what the French Quarter has to offer. The great thing about staying in the main part of the city, is that everything is within walking distance. We stumbled upon cute boutiques, antique shops, well decorated houses and balconies and even voodoo shops. 

By the time our internal organs were fully functioning, we went back to Bourbon St. to consume some delicious cocktails, particularly Hurricanes. Which from my understanding was a concoction including white rum, dark rum, grenadine and some fruit juices. Needless to say, it was a pretty strong drink. Now imagine a fully filled fishbowl (refer to picture below), well let's just say that we were drinking the same drink from 1:30 PM til 7 PM. Yes the first and only fishbowl consumed during this trip. As the day went on I was in need of a good nap, to the point that it was an essential for survival. I left Trizza in the company of our newly found friends to enjoy the rest of the parade.

Oyster Po Boy Sandwich & Homestyle Mashed
Blackened Catfish topped w/ Crab Meat
Chocolate Bread Pudding

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