Tuesday, 22 July 2014

CPFW 2014

 This post is long overdue. Back in June, I had the pleasure of working for CPFW, Canada Philippine Fashion Week.  A week long event, showcasing amazing,  talented Filipino designers from the Philippines. Their work are incredible and some of their creations just took my breath away. It was truly an honour being able to work with the designers side by side, from unpacking the garments to fittings, to working backstage during the show.

It takes a village to produce a fashion show and it was an eye-opener to witness and experience fashion shows from behind the stage. Like myself, I didn't expect the chaos and amount of work that occurs behind the scenes before a show. I have watched fashion shows before and my mind was limited the glitz and glam that happen from pre-show or at the runway. I was able to experience it firsthand from CPFW and it truly ignited a passion, we worked for hours on end, not realizing that time was passing us before our eyes, losing track of the last meal we had, but overall it was worth it.

CPFW allowed up and coming designers to showcase their work and provide a different audience by bringing their designs to Canada. Designers like Kim Gam of Gayuka, Frederick Peralta, Odelon Simpao, Roland Alzate, just to name a few showcased their beautiful creations during the Philippines Fashion's Biggest Night at the Royal York Fairmont Hotel in downtown Toronto. Their vivacious designs enticed the fashion goers and left them wanting more.

The week long event was closed off with a fashion show by the world renowned Francis Liberan. His dresses and designs were superior, the technique applied into making his garments were impeccable. No wonder celebrities like Tyra Banks have an affinity for his clothes.

All the images are taken by the talented Ash Reginald Evasco.

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