Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Optimism is Key

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"There is  light at the end of tunnel", a common inspirational quote you'll hear from people when you're going through something. And it is true.

Or is it?

As a struggling graduate, looking for an entry way into the workforce, it's a little demotivating that all these employers cannot seem to give us a chance to prove ourselves worthy. They require an absurd amount of experience, even for an entry-level job. A job that is allegedly supposed to provide an entry way into the job of your dreams. A job that will allow you to hone the skills and knowledge you've learned from the years of post secondary education. Not to mention the thousands of dollars spent on tuition, books and endless supply of coffee, imperative for surviving university.

But what can we, the struggling graduates do, other than hope for the best and that one day, we too can make our dreams come true. For now, I will remain optimistic and enjoy life, just as it is.

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